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The 3 Best Tanks for 2018

Review supplied Courtesy of VapeBeat:

The #1 Sub Ohm Tanks For 2018

                 (According To Team VapeBeat)


Thanks for downloading this free report, it’s good to have you
aboard the VapeBeat community!

Also: well done for taking a proactive approach to finding a new
vape tank – it’s very tricky to know EXACTLY what to go for.

There’s plenty of options, and most cost the same, but in this sea
of tanks there are but a few, truly exceptional setups.

Tanks that have excellent, long-lasting coil systems, produce
great flavor, and will last you a LONG time.

This report will be short and simple: I don’t like wasting your
time, so I’ll get straight to the point.

The Three Tanks We Recommend The Most (Mid-2018)

#1 – UWELL Valyrian

#2 – Fireluke Mesh

#3 – Horizon Falcon

Why These Tanks?

Simple, really: they’re all exceptional in the three main areas we
judge sub-ohm tanks on:

• Coil Performance – How Long Do They Last Before Burning Out
• Flavor – How Good is The Flavor Produced By The Tanks?
• Reliability – How Easy Are They To Live With?

This means when you use these tanks you can expect three, key
things: 1) the coils will last you a long time, 2) the flavor will be precise
and impressive, and 3) you will have NO trouble setting them up.

My Favourite of The Three?

That’s a TOUGH question! I own all of these tanks. I love and use
each of them most weeks as well.

Gun to my head? I’d probably say either the UWELL Valyrian or
the Mesh. But that’s just me. The Falcon, for many, is the new de facto
sub ohm tank for 2018.

I’ve just spent more time with the Valyrian and the MESH, so
they’re kind of like old, reliable buddies to me. I know I can ALWAYS
rely on them.

The Falcon is brilliant too, especially for flavor. It’s just that I
haven’t spent nearly as much time with it – it’s like a new girlfriend/
boyfriend to me right now: exciting and new and shiny!

Let’s Take A Look At Each Sub-Ohm Tank Individually

This is pretty much the end of this little report. Told you it’d be

Let’s take a look at each tank individually, so you can get a better
idea about which is the best one for you!

UWELL Valyrian

Why You’d Buy:

• For me, it’s coil heads were a revelation. They work and work
and work longer than you’d ever expect.

• The flavor is incredible with a beautifully smooth airflow.

• The design is solid and robust; it’s also easy to setup and use.

Best Place To Buy locally?
VapeClub | R540.00

Fireluke MESH

Why You’d Buy:

• Again, the coils heads. These ones are MESH coils, and they’re brilliant. The design means they last longer and produce really great vapor.

• The design of the tank is phenomenal; it looks truly unique and is available in a range of colour options, including resin. • It never leaks, it’s easy to use, and the coils LAST. It is also very well priced and this, combined with its coil heads, make it a classic in the making.

Best Place To Buy locally?

VapeShop | R499.00


Why You’d Buy:

• RDA-grade flavor. Excellent coils heads produce some of the best flavor you’re ever likely to get from a sub-ohm tank.

• The design, again, is very impressive here. The tank is simple to work with and take apart.

• This is a proper flavor-chasers tank. If you value flavor above ALL ELSE, this is the one to go for.

for more information click on the full review by Nick Jennigs / VapeBeat below:

VapeBeat Review

Best Place To Buy locally?

#VapeCartel/#Vaperite/#VapeKing | (dependant on availability)