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Update on new range released at ECIGSSA VapeCon 2018

Mischif Munky vAPE Co. 

The New brand and range proudly released by Reaver’s VapE-Liquids

The initial 3 flavours of the new range were released at this years ECIGSSA – VapeCon to members of both the Local and International Vaping communities, received excellent support.

The current range of Mischif Munky vAPE Co. VapE-Liquids includes:





MunKy-Tart – “a welcomed milk tart flavour to compliment the vaping experience”





KoBle MunKy– “a slightly sweet and creamy coffee VapE “with a well balanced blend and medley of smooth coffee flavours”





MalVa MunKy – for all lovers of a warm dessert “this smooth blend of custard and malva pudding will hit the spot”


All available directly From our “Reaver’s VapE-Liquids on-line store” and …………

The following select VapE-Stores:

Vape Club

Vape Tronix

Vape Burm

OHM Wrecker Vaping


“Reavers are definitely looking forward to supplying a store near you soon……”

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