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“VAPE” – Vaping Associated Preffered Etiquette

A Basic Guide to becoming a “Considerate Vaper”

General Etiquette is definitely important and the cornerstones of modern society and can only be positively driven through the thought for others:

  • Consideration for others requires self-control.
  • Considerate Vapers know how to behave in social settings and will always make proper decisions while in public.
  • Consideration includes being polite and especially how we behave on social media.
  • One of the rudest things a smoker can do is to blow smoke into another person’s face. The same rule definitely applies when vaping. Even though vapors are perceived to be less toxic, the act of blowing vapor is rude in itself.


“VAPE” – Vaping Associated Preffered Etiquette:

Each vaper is expected to be aware of these facts regarding their preffered daily past time….

  • “Vaping is perceived to be potentially less harmful than smoking?”
  • “With vaping we tend to take in fewer or less toxins than our stinky smoking counterparts?”
  • “Vapor” or “clouds” should be less of a nuisance than smoke from a cigarette?”

This being said, as Vapers we all feel that we should be able to vape anywhere. By focusing on being considerate of others you positively drive and promote the basic and expected Vaping etiquette.

Some Considerations:

  • It makes a lot of sense that Confined spaces are not a good place for vaping.
  • There maybe people occupying the same space that will have to breathe in the vapors.
  • This may not be so pleasant for others around you.
  • A closed space means that the vapors will hang around longer and the concentration will rise with each cloud.

So where can you Vape?


  • You have the privacy to do what you like in your place.
  • Good Etiquette is to always be considerate and courteous and air out your space before having guests over.


  • Good etiquette is to go and vape outside and or find a suitable place downwind.
  • People around you perceive vaping to be just like smoking and vaping in or around them can be both offensive and inconsiderate.
  • Always be courteous and minful of not getting your vapor into the faces of others persons.


  • It is always recommended not to vape while out in any public places or spaces, in restaurants, while shopping, etcetera.
  • Just don’t vape where you wouldn’t smoke.
  • Most of the time adhere to the same warnings and restriction adainst smoking in all public places, it is considerate and best practice to follow the same rules for vaping.


  • If you are in your own vehicle you will tend to vape in you own vehicles confined space, that’s your choice.
  • We recommend rolling down the windows to avoid impairing your vision while driving.
  • Be considerate to others and air out the vehicle before transporting children, friends or guests.


Vaping Etiquette: Be an Example and make a Good Impression……

  • Making a good impression is key to improving the perception of what vapers and vaping is all about and always be mindful of how it compares to smoking.
  • Answering a few quick questions about vaping makes a great impression and helps out everyone.
  • The Majority of people do not understand the difference between vaping and smoking If you see that someone is curious be cordial and enlighten them as to what they are witnessing and how vaping works and try to educate them.


Vaping socially is becoming more common and when it comes to vaping with or near other people a few pointers should be taken into consideration.


When you go into someone elses car or home, you always need to ask for permission for a number of reasons especially if you are in close proximity to them and are occupying their space.

  • Always ask the house owner or driver before you start thinking of heating up those coils….
  • If you are in the company of people that do not smoke take a few moments and ask if it is okay to vape.
  • If they end up having any questions be polite and try to inform them about just what vaping is all about.
  • Most times, they will try be gracious and say yes. Even so be considerate and always offer to take it outside.


  • Vaping around children and pets is considered similar to smoking.
  • Recommended good practice to avoid doing it at all.
  • The risk of your pet or child getting into your nicotine e-juices could be fatal.


Vaping Etiquette involves:

  1. Always being Considerate of others
  2. Applying plain old Common Sense
  3. About educating other vapers to be more tolerant and accepting.

In conclusion:

“A persistent and focused positive vaping etiquette will go a long way to countering the stigma and negative bias being experienced against Vaping as a whole.”