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Tobacco Control & Its Unethical War on Vaping

Tobacco Control using Kids As Clickbait :!!!:

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Extremism has taken over public health and tobacco control groups. The exploitation of children to push agendas is completely unethical and has to stop. The War on Vaping just got a lot uglier. It’s TIME someone spoke up for the kids – because their parents seemingly won’t!

World War II (1939-45) was so long ago the men and women who fought and nursed and labored and survived will soon have all passed on.

Four generations have been born since then.

Many of whom have only known peacetime.

One of the first anti-smoking advertisements in New Zealand was printed in 1945.

You’d think Governments recovering from participating in WWII would have had more important things to do.

The End of One War & The Start of Another…

Perhaps it was an effort to signal a return to normal life?

Certainly, Government campaigns trying to direct our behaviors have become normal over the succeeding 73 years since that first ad.

wet lung

America’s Long History of Being Completely Mental About Everything Goes Way Back…

We are bombarded with anti-fat, anti-alcohol, anti-sugar, sitting-is-the-new-smoking messages everywhere we go.

Thankfully, TV viewing has been transformed and we can now mute the ads, fast forward through them or abandon broadcast television altogether and just watch Netflix.

Anti-Smoking Campaigners Arrive On The Scene

Anti-smoking campaigning really took off after the publication of the US Surgeon General’s report in 1964.

The report presented convincing scientific evidence that smoking kills.

This was BIG news and coverage of the launch of the report appeared in newspapers and on people’s new black and white television sets around the world.

It’s hard to pinpoint the genesis of tobacco control as a sector, but this event was probably it.

The US Surgeon General, Dr. Luther Terry, dropped a bomb on smoking and with it began a new world war.

The World Conference on Tobacco Control

The term “war” should never be used lightly, but it was the language used by the tobacco control community who rallied and began the World Conference on Tobacco OR Health in 1967.

Held every four, and later three, years ever since, these meetings have been key for sharing war stories, tactical moves and for anointing heroes and revving up the troops.

Rarely, arguments broke out.

tobacco control

I remember one, the purpose of which was to exile a prominent member for traitorously working with a tobacco company in some way.

Using the language of war, in a time still shadowed by WWII, was very effective for whipping up panic, fear and of course funding.

This war mentality encouraged the now embedded us versus them, good versus evil paradigm that frames the tobacco industry as the enemy, smokers as hapless victims and public health as the saviours.

Media Fatigue Lead To More Dramatic Rhetoric

A huge problem arose for public health crusaders, however, when the media got sick of us bleating the same boring message on and on, decade after decade.

We call this media fatigue.

They wouldn’t cover our events or print our press releases unless there was something new, controversial or shocking in it.

tobacco control

Tobacco Free Kids Using Kids As Clickbait

All public health campaigns, about alcohol, fat, safe sex or smoking were being undermined by this.

To get airtime, we had to up the ante.

We had to stage dramatic protests. We had to create a fight.

We had to exaggerate the implications of our research, or at least let the media do that for us.

Breaking The Law To Change The Law

In the early 1980s, Dr. Arthur Chesterfield-Evans, a medical doctor and politician in Australia pioneered a new strategy for getting media attention when he graffitied billboards advertising cigarettes.

His BUGA-UP efforts involved him breaking the law to change the tag-lines on smoking ads to something more truthful.

This won him notoriety, and as he said: “It formed the extreme pole of anti-tobacco action, and so made all legal activities moderate by comparison.”

Tobacco Control Groups Using Kids Is Just… Awful

Skip forward 20 years and colleagues in New Zealand were using school kids to populate a street rally against smoking.

Another smoke-free advocate got school students to lie in body bags outside a tobacco factory.

Even with school children involved these stunts drew a disappointing amount of media attention.

The New Reefer Madness

As the years have marched on, tobacco control has become increasingly extreme, saying shocking things about people who smoke, pushing prices up to painful levels, demanding prohibition – anything the media will think is hard-hitting enough to report on.

Children are the ultimate click-bait for public health. Click to Tweet

Everything is a threat to the children these days. Just twist your message into a threat to the children and anyone who has had kids will have their protect-the-children instinct activated, and wallets will open.

To be fair, children have been exploited by marketers, the media and lobbyists forever.

It’s standard business practice, why shouldn’t public health do it too?

Has Tobacco Control Has Gone Too Far In Its War on Vaping?

No one in tobacco control thinks of the damage that might be done to the poster child de jour.

It’s probably time some guidelines were put in place to prohibit the use of children as mouthpieces for bizarre codswallop some wacko adults believe.

The case in point is a video from last week (6 Nov 18) showing a young girl reading out a list of totally fictional dangers of vaping, including that “vaping can lead to poor decisions such as going homeless, dropping out of school, child abuse…

Child abuse!? Whoa!

The video has gone viral.

pro-vaping studies

The Facts

The girl has been made a laughing stock.

It’s uncomfortable to watch it, to see a child so obviously being exploited.

Dr. Carrie Wade, Director of Harm Reduction Policy at R Street Institute made some good points when she called for us to not retweet or spread the video even further.

As she said, it’s not the girl’s fault, it’s her parents and the organization (Children4Change) that deserve the anger and disgust we feel at what they’re making those kids do for them.

As Carrie said, “videos last forever.”

How is that girl going to feel when she’s older and can comprehend what her parents made her do, the reaction she sparked, and the negative consequences for smokers and vapers?

Extremism Has Taken Over Public Health

This incident is an exemplar of the extremism that has taken over public health.

Anything goes no matter how absurd, no matter the lack of evidence (e.g. taxing sugar, banning vaping, minimum pricing on alcohol).

Hurting a few to save the many, that’s the mantra of public health today.

The children they exploit are just collateral damage in a war that’s gone way beyond preventing injury and disease.

Marewa Glover

Marewa Glover

Marewa is Director of the Centre of Research Excellence: Indigenous Sovereignty & Smoking, based in New Zealand. She is an internationally recognized expert in tobacco harm reduction and in June 2018, she received the Outstanding Advocate Award from the International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisations (INNCO) at the Global Forum on Nicotine in Warsaw. She was subsequently appointed as an INNCO scientific advisor and is an associate member of the New Nicotine Alliance UK. Until recently Marewa was a Professor of Public Health at Massey University, New Zealand and Chair of End Smoking NZ.  In 2017, she was a Finalist in the annual Women of Influence Awards. Marewa has focused on reducing tobacco smoking harm for over 25 years and in that time has led and collaborated on many studies resulting in over 100 scientific publications to date

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VooPoo Drag 2 vs. VooPoo Drag Mini

What’s The Difference?


VooPoo has just released its new VooPoo 2 Drag, the follow-up to 2017’s insanely popular VooPoo Drag.

This time, though, it didn’t just release one mod.

Nope, there are two new vape mods to choose from this time:

The VooPoo Drag 2 and the VooPoo Drag Mini.

As the name suggests, the VooPoo Drag Mini is a less powerful, smaller version of the VooPoo Drag 2.

The mods look similar, but the Mini does not feature removable batteries.

Instead, you have a built-in 4400mAh cell which delivers decent(ish) battery life, providing you’re not running it at super-high wattages all the time.

VooPoo Drag 2 vs. VooPoo Drag Mini – The Main Differences

VooPoo Drag Mini

Drag 2 (Left), Drag Mini (Right)

The main differences between these two mods are listed below:

Power | The Drag 2 is More Powerful (177W versus 117W)
Size | The Drag Mini is Smaller (Though Not By Much)
Battery | The Drag 2 Runs 2x 18650 Batteries; The Drag Mini Runs A Non-Removable 4400mAh cell

And that’s about it for differences.

Both devices run VooPoo’s excellent GENE chip and both hit very hard, just like their predecessor.

VooPoo Drag 2 vs. VooPoo Drag Mini | Design

The devices, as you can see in the images below, look kind of similar. The VooPoo Drag 2 has a removable door for the batteries, while the Drag Mini is completely sealed.

VooPoo Drag Mini

Resin Accents

Both are available in a variety of resin options; my review units are the red and kinda-green-looking option.

VooPoo Drag Mini

How You Install The Batteries In Voopoo Drag 2

The design language is great on both mods. I’m a big fan of VooPoo’s mods and the Drag 2 and Drag Mini do not disappoint in this context.

VooPoo Drag Mini

Design-Wise, They’re Fairly Similair

They’re sturdy, well put together, and they look and feel exceptionally premium.

How Do They Perform?

Let’s talk about the VooPoo Drag 2 first, as this mod is kind of the flagship device. You also get a sub ohm tank with both mods in the form of the VooPoo UFORCE mesh tank.

It’s a very decent mesh coil tank as well. I’m still on my first coil, two weeks into testing.

I’ve been using the VooPoo Drag 2 pretty much around the clock for a couple of weeks now. Performance is excellent, as you’d expect from the GENE chip, and I really like the way it looks and feels.

It’s not quite as sharp or angular as the original VooPoo DRAG; the design has been smoothed down and refined. It’s also about 30% lighter too, which is impressive.

VooPoo Drag Mini

OLED Panels


I’ve run RTAs, sub ohm tanks, and RDAs on the VooPoo Drag 2 and it has run them all brilliantly, never missing a beat, and delivering powerful, punchy performance across the board.

I like that the display, though small, is now OLED. It just looks better and, as a side bonus, it uses less power. Both good things.

VooPoo Drag MiniVooPoo Drag Mini

It’s not any better than the original VooPoo DRAG, with respect to perceptible performance, but the design is a lot more refined. This is basically what you’re paying for when you get this mod.

So if the price of the VooPoo Drag 2 puts you off getting it, I would still 100% recommend the original VooPoo Drag (it’s current #1 on our Best Box Mod Guide). And it’s about half the price and still kicks a lot of ass.

What About The VooPoo Drag Mini Then?

It’s a different kind of beast. It has enough power under the hood for most tanks (117W), but you don’t want to be pushing it too hard.

Why’s that?

Simple: the battery life will crap out on you. Run it around 45-50W and the battery life is comparable to the VooPoo Drag 2 (which runs on 2x 18650 cells).

VooPoo Drag MiniVooPoo Drag Mini

During my testing of the VooPoo Drag Mini, I found it worked best with single coil RTAs. You can run these tanks nice and low, and this conserves your battery life.

Pop a high-performance sub ohm tank on there, a tank that needs 80-100W of power to really work, and you’ll kill the battery life in a matter of hours.

It performs great at higher wattages, thanks to the GENE chip, but the battery will let you down eventually. This is just a fact of life when you’re using mods with non-removable batteries.

No Quick Charge (And That Would Have Been Nice)

The VooPoo Drag Mini does not feature Quick Charge, whereby you can charge via USB very quickly. It also doesn’t utilize USB Type C, the most recent USB technology.

The omission of these two things is kinda disappointing. Mostly because with Quick Charge you can charge a vape mod from flat to almost full in about 40 minutes.

With standard USB and standard charging, you’re looking at 90 minutes.

These aren’t deal-breakers by any means, but they are both things I would have included had I been designing the mod, as they both bring quite a lot of utility with them.

Best Tank To Use With VooPoo Drag Mini?

Simple: one you can run at lower wattages, so anything like a single coil RTA or a lower-power MTL vape tank.

Run these styles of vape tank on the VooPoo Drag Mini and you’ll have no problems with battery life.

VooPoo Drag Mini

The DRAG 2 Battery Door Cover

I’ve been rocking a Kayfun on mine, running at around 18W, and I’m getting about two days of battery life.

If you’re the type of vaper that likes to vape in around 80-100W, you’re gonna need to get the VooPoo Drag 2, as it is much better suited to that style of vaping.


Both mods are very good. They’re just designed for different styles of vaping.

The VooPoo Drag 2 is the one to go for if you want to do high-power vaping. It has better battery life (thank to removable cells) and is better suited to performance vape tanks.

VooPoo Drag Mini

Sexy Boys!

The VooPoo Drag Mini is slightly smaller, less powerful, and is designed for use with certain types of vape tanks – those that run at lower wattages, so single coil RTAs and MTL vape tanks.

Used in the right context, both are great options. It just depends on what kind of vaper you are, really.

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Reaver’s sponsored Competition running in store at Vape Tronix………..

 Reaver’s sponsored Competition

The Competition started from Mid September and has been extended through to end of November:

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Reaver’s Thanks Vape Tronix for record sales

The Reaver‘s VapELiquids Team extend their heartfelt gratitude to Zubair at Vape Tronix – for achieving record sales in just under 3 months

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Why I Don’t Bother With Unregulated Squonk Mods

Unregulated Squonk Mods (#1’s KEY)

South Central While Vaping Your Unregulated Squonk Mods In The Hood

If you’re new to vaping (or squonk mods) and you’re thinking about getting yourself a squonk mod, there are a few things you need to know.

As always, when vaping, safety should be your #1 concern. You want to be doing it in the safest possible manner.

This means using good-quality vape batteries and knowing what you’re doing with your hardware.

It is this latter point that is important when talking about unregulated squonk mods (or mech mods) because, in the wrong hands, a mech mod (or unregulated squonk mod) can be very dangerous.

Are Unregulated Squonk Mods Dangerous?

No, not really. Just like a car, they have the potential to be dangerous when used by someone that isn’t familiar with how they work.

No one would dream of driving a car without first understanding how it worked and the rules of the road.

This is why we have licenses and driving lessons (and also insurance).

Unregulated Squonk Mods

Mech mods (or unregulated squonk mods) can, and are, dangerous when used incorrectly. The main reason for this is putting too much load onto the batteries which can result in the battery exploding.

Not always, but it can (and does) happen. This is what’s happened 9/10 when you hear about someone blowing their teeth out with a vape mod in the news.

It isn’t a regulated mod that’s caused it, it’s a vaper using an unregulated mech mod without knowing what they’re doing!

How Mech Mods Work

Simple: it’s you, a battery, and you’re atomizer.

The only thing sitting between you and 100% of the battery’s power is a switch (AKA the button that fires the mod).

Once you hit this switch, the battery unleashes 100% of its power into the atomizer (AKA your RDA).

Unregulated Squonk Mods

If your coils are installed correctly and you’re ohms are right, you’ll get a potent vaping experience.

If things aren’t set up correctly, you could cause the battery to explode or swell or break. And you do not want this.

There is nothing to protect you either; that’s why they’re called unregulated mods – there is no chip to regulate the current.

How To Use Mech Mods Safely?

⚡You Need To Know Ohm’s Law 
⚡You Need To Know About Batteries (AMPS, Voltages)
⚡You Must Understand Resistances

Bottomline? You CANNOT wing things with a mech mod or unregulated squonk mod.

It will end up in a disaster – and you 100% do not want that.

If You’re New To Vaping ALWAYS Use Regulated Squonk Mods

It might not be very fashionable to say this, but it is the safest approach.

Mech mods are serious.

So too are unregulated squonk mods.

If you’re new to vaping, you should NOT be using these types of devices.

UK Squonk Mod Guide

My REGULATED Desire Rage Squonk Mod + Wotofo PROFILE RDA

I’ve vaped for years, and I am something of an expert on the subject, but I seldom use mech mods and unregulated squonk mods.

I do like them, but I don’t tend to use them much.

Why’s that?

There are a few main reasons for this, but the most notable are as follows:

⚡I Prefer Regulated Mods (They’re Safer & Simpler To Run)
⚡I Like Dual-18650 Mods (They’re Better For Battery Life)
⚡I Hate Messing Around With Ohm’s Law
⚡I Like Having Things Like TC and Bypass Mode
⚡I Prefer Having Control Over My Mod’s Power Output

Obviously, it’s a free country, and you can do what you want, but this is how I feel about the issue of new vapers using mech mods.

The other thing to keep in mind is this: a regulated squonk mod will perform A LOT better than a single-cell, mech squonk.

Think about it: nearly all unregulated squonk mods run single 18650 batteries.


The USV MachON3 – AKA The #1 Best Regulated Squonk Mod Right Now

This sucks for battery life.

You have no control over the power output, and you’ll constantly be changing batteries.

No thanks!

With a modern, regulated squonk mod you have support for the following:

⚡Dual-18650 Batteries (Mega Battery Life)
⚡TC Mode (Great For Running Mod Efficiently)
⚡100% Regulation of Current (No Explosions)
⚡Ability To Control Output
⚡TONS of Power (Up To 240W)

OK, OK… so what’s the best regulated squonk mod right now, then?

I’ve included my #1 picks for regulated squonk mods in VapeBeat’s Guide To The Best Regulated Squonk Mods, so check that out for the best options right now.

I’ve included a range of regulated squonk mods, across a variety of price points.

But one thing I cannot stress enough is THIS: make sure you get one that runs two 18650 batteries – the battery life is SO much better.

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Drake Equation

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Co-founder and Editor of VapeBeat. I make the words.

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Malboro embark on a “Hold My Light” Anti-Smoking Campaign in the UK?

Marlboro maker attacked for ‘hypocritical’ anti-smoking campaign

Re-Post Courtesy of CNN and By Rob Picheta, Updated 1548 GMT (2348 HKT) October 22, 2018

As well as Marlboro, Phillip Morris owns e-cigarette and heated tobacco brands.

As well as Marlboro, Phillip Morris owns e-cigarette and heated tobacco brands.

(CNN)The world’s biggest international tobacco company has come under fire for a “hypocritical” campaign encouraging people to give up cigarettes.

Philip Morris — which produces Marlboro cigarettes among other brands — launched its “Hold My Light” push in the UK on Monday, urging smokers to switch to vaping or heated tobacco products instead.
But anti-smoking campaigners attacked the company, which also owns e-cigarette brands, saying it is “jumping on the bandwagon” of declining smoking rates in the UK while still selling cigarettes around the world.
“It’s not that the message is the wrong one — it’s that it’s hypocritical for a company that is still promoting smoking in most parts of the world to be saying that it’s turned over a new leaf,” Deborah Arnott, Chief Executive of charity Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), told CNN.
“They’re basically hanging on the coattails of government anti-smoking regulation that has worked, and they’re trying to get some kind of benefit for them from it,” she added. “They’re looking for a commercial advantage, make no mistake.”
The campaign was launched with a wraparound advert on the front page of British newspaper The Daily Mirror. It encourages people to give up smoking cigarettes with a 30-day challenge, using products such as e-cigarettes to help.
Philip Morris owns e-cigarette and heated tobacco brands including IQOS, Vivid and Nicocig.
“This is a staggering hypocrisy from a tobacco company to promote its own smoking cessation products in the UK while continuing to promote tobacco cigarettes across the world,” George Butterworth, Senior Policy Manager at Cancer Research UK, said in a statement.
“The best way Philip Morris could help people to stop smoking is to stop making cigarettes,” he added.
The company has pivoted towards marketing smoking alternatives in recent years, with the company’s online manifesto saying it is “designing a smoke-free future.”
Mark MacGregor, Corporate Affairs Director UK and Ireland at Philip Morris International, told CNN the company was “surprised” at the criticism of its campaign. MacGregor said: “This campaign is designed to stop people smoking and to give up cigarettes as fast as possible.
“If we simply stopped selling cigarettes tomorrow, literally all that would happen is that smokers would switch to our competitors’ products,” he added.
At the beginning of this year the company launched an advertising campaign in British newspapers encouraging smokers to quit with the tagline: “Our New Year’s Resolution: we’re trying to give up cigarettes,” again citing smoke-free products like e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products as alternatives.
But Shirley Cramer, chief executive of the Royal Society for Public Health, also questioned the company’s motives.
“Their claims of ‘commitment to a smoke-free future’ might be more believable were they not continuing to aggressively advertise Marlboro across the developing world, where tobacco regulation is regrettably far laxer than in the UK,” Cramer said, adding that “this latest messaging from Philip Morris stretches credulity.”

‘We’re suspicious’

Arnott, from the charity ASH, said the campaign was an attempt to subvert the ban on advertising tobacco products.
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“Wherever it’s legal Philip Morris is still advertising its Marlboro brand. The fact of the matter is that it can no longer do that in the UK, we’re a dark market where all advertising, promotion and sponsorship is banned, and cigarettes are in plain packs,” she said.
“So instead Philip Morris is promoting the company name which is inextricably linked with Marlboro. That’s why we’re suspicious.”
Smoking rates in the UK have declined rapidly in recent years, with 400,000 kicking the habit in England last year. Public Health England recently predicted that just one in 10 people in England will be smokers by 2023.
Advertising tobacco products has been illegal in the country since 2003, but advertising e-cigarettes is permitted.
Philip Morris International, which sells tobacco products outside the US, has annual profits of over $6 billion and is 108th on the 2018 Fortune 500 list.

Re-Post Courtesy of CNN and By Rob Picheta, Updated 1548 GMT (2348 HKT) October 22, 2018

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“VAPE” – Vaping Associated Preffered Etiquette

A Basic Guide to becoming a “Considerate Vaper”

General Etiquette is definitely important and the cornerstones of modern society and can only be positively driven through the thought for others:

  • Consideration for others requires self-control.
  • Considerate Vapers know how to behave in social settings and will always make proper decisions while in public.
  • Consideration includes being polite and especially how we behave on social media.
  • One of the rudest things a smoker can do is to blow smoke into another person’s face. The same rule definitely applies when vaping. Even though vapors are perceived to be less toxic, the act of blowing vapor is rude in itself.


“VAPE” – Vaping Associated Preffered Etiquette:

Each vaper is expected to be aware of these facts regarding their preffered daily past time….

  • “Vaping is perceived to be potentially less harmful than smoking?”
  • “With vaping we tend to take in fewer or less toxins than our stinky smoking counterparts?”
  • “Vapor” or “clouds” should be less of a nuisance than smoke from a cigarette?”

This being said, as Vapers we all feel that we should be able to vape anywhere. By focusing on being considerate of others you positively drive and promote the basic and expected Vaping etiquette.

Some Considerations:

  • It makes a lot of sense that Confined spaces are not a good place for vaping.
  • There maybe people occupying the same space that will have to breathe in the vapors.
  • This may not be so pleasant for others around you.
  • A closed space means that the vapors will hang around longer and the concentration will rise with each cloud.

So where can you Vape?


  • You have the privacy to do what you like in your place.
  • Good Etiquette is to always be considerate and courteous and air out your space before having guests over.


  • Good etiquette is to go and vape outside and or find a suitable place downwind.
  • People around you perceive vaping to be just like smoking and vaping in or around them can be both offensive and inconsiderate.
  • Always be courteous and minful of not getting your vapor into the faces of others persons.


  • It is always recommended not to vape while out in any public places or spaces, in restaurants, while shopping, etcetera.
  • Just don’t vape where you wouldn’t smoke.
  • Most of the time adhere to the same warnings and restriction adainst smoking in all public places, it is considerate and best practice to follow the same rules for vaping.


  • If you are in your own vehicle you will tend to vape in you own vehicles confined space, that’s your choice.
  • We recommend rolling down the windows to avoid impairing your vision while driving.
  • Be considerate to others and air out the vehicle before transporting children, friends or guests.


Vaping Etiquette: Be an Example and make a Good Impression……

  • Making a good impression is key to improving the perception of what vapers and vaping is all about and always be mindful of how it compares to smoking.
  • Answering a few quick questions about vaping makes a great impression and helps out everyone.
  • The Majority of people do not understand the difference between vaping and smoking If you see that someone is curious be cordial and enlighten them as to what they are witnessing and how vaping works and try to educate them.


Vaping socially is becoming more common and when it comes to vaping with or near other people a few pointers should be taken into consideration.


When you go into someone elses car or home, you always need to ask for permission for a number of reasons especially if you are in close proximity to them and are occupying their space.

  • Always ask the house owner or driver before you start thinking of heating up those coils….
  • If you are in the company of people that do not smoke take a few moments and ask if it is okay to vape.
  • If they end up having any questions be polite and try to inform them about just what vaping is all about.
  • Most times, they will try be gracious and say yes. Even so be considerate and always offer to take it outside.


  • Vaping around children and pets is considered similar to smoking.
  • Recommended good practice to avoid doing it at all.
  • The risk of your pet or child getting into your nicotine e-juices could be fatal.


Vaping Etiquette involves:

  1. Always being Considerate of others
  2. Applying plain old Common Sense
  3. About educating other vapers to be more tolerant and accepting.

In conclusion:

“A persistent and focused positive vaping etiquette will go a long way to countering the stigma and negative bias being experienced against Vaping as a whole.”


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“ The UK is now 100% Pro-Vaping”

Reposted by Reaversadmin”The UK Leads in the Pro-Vaping drive.”We can only hope that the FDA and all the other ‘decision making sheep’ that follow it will be awakened to the fact that their Government, Health and the Anti-Smoking Organizations are knowingly being financed and receiving support from Tobacco, Pharmaceutical’s and are doing so at the expense of other peoples lives!” …..
Reaversadmin “Now that I have applauded the UK and put in my 10 Vapes worth, please refer to the associated article on Nicotine posted below:”

“Nicotine Is NOT A Carcinogen” – Public Health England

It’s TIME the FDA woke up to the facts. Nicotine Is NOT A Carcinogen, says Public Health England. And the UK is now 100% Pro-Vaping as it aims to kill smoking within a generation.

A tale of two countries, similar but different. In one, you can legally buy weed but in the other, this freedom is decades away. In one guns are legal, and in the other possession of a weapon will get you serious jail time.

And yet, the country with the most stringent laws on EVERYTHING, the UK, is now a shining light of progressiveness with respect to vaping regulations, while the US is on the verge of banning online sales!?

The UK is Now 100% Pro-Vaping

Misinformation About Nicotine is RIFE

The UK, and its health-facing institutions, like Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians, have long been supporters of vaping, as a means to get people off of cigarettes, and today this momentum continues.

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable illness and premature death in England. In 2016 alone, there were around 78,000 deaths attributable to smoking, representing 16% of all deaths across the UK – Public Health England.

PHE also confirmed (please take note, California) that “Nicotine Is NOT A Carcinogen”. Furthermore, it claimed that misinformation about nicotine is “rife amongst smokers and health professionals”, and that people believe it causes most of the harm of smoking.

Public Health England Champions Vape Shops

The FDA has issued a law that prohibits vape shop owners from claiming ecigs are better for you than traditional cigarettes, despite evidence that 100% backs these claims.

Meanwhile, in the UK, Public Health England is telling vape shop owners to “engage actively with smokers who want to use an e-cigarette to help them quit.”

It added: “More can be done to combine the popular quitting method with the most effective quitting aid, to maximize the number of smokers quitting successfully.”

“Ecigs ARE 95% Safer Than Cigarettes” – RCGP, BMA and Cancer Research UK

Again, the 95% safer point is made. By RCGP, BMA and Cancer Research UK. All agree that while vaping isn’t 100% safe and that you’re better off doing neither smoking or vaping, ecigs are infinitely preferable to smoking.

“Based on an assessment of the available international peer-reviewed evidence, PHE and the RCGP estimate the risk reduction to be at least 95%. In 2018 so far, 3 major US reports (National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, American Cancer Society and the US Annual Review of Public Health) have found that e-cigarettes are substantially less harmful than smoking.”

Vaping Helped 50% of UK’s Smokers Quit

The FDA maintains that vaping is a gateway drug to cigarettes, a false argument that has been used time and time again in the States.

I’ve lost count of the number of times this has been debunked.

Smoking Rates At RECORD Lows

But I am happy to be on debunking duties once again: 50% of the UK’s smokers have now quit their deadly habit, thank to vaping – 50%!

Vaping Beats Nicotine Gum and Patches

I’ve used gum and patches in the past to little effect; the gum tastes disgusting and the patches make me nauseous and, bizarrely, sleepwalk as well.

Vaping has been shown to kill smoking in its tracks, and the reason it works is simple: you get the same sensation, just without 95% of the health risks, a fact the FDA needs to acknowledge before it is too late.

Case in point: “there is growing evidence that e-cigarettes are helping many thousands of smokers in England to quit. The available evidence from research trials suggests that their effectiveness is broadly similar to prescribed stop smoking medicines and better than NRT products if these are used without any professional support.”

Public Health England added: “E-cigarettes are particularly effective when combined with expert help from a local stop smoking service. “In 2017 to 2018, around two-thirds of smokers who got this support stopped smoking successfully.”

UK Government Supports Vaping

Following on from PHE’s guidance, the UK has now implemented a variety of tools for smokers to utilise on the journey away from cigarettes.

Pharmacies will be trained with knowledge of ecigs and the British Medical Association and the Royal College of General Practitioners even produced a video that details WHY you should quit smoking with vaping (see below).

Bottomline? The US needs to wake up and follow the measures being taken by the UK.

Public health is of vast importance and recognizing a tool for curing one of the biggest afflictions on modern society is or huge importance. The net effects are enormous, saving billions in health care, and it is now time the FDA woke up to this fact.

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What did the CDC find when they tested vape shop air?

NIOSH tested the air in a busy vape shop and found…

Related articles are supplied courtesy of VAPING360, Jim McDonald and Colin Mendelsohn

By  Jim McDonald

September 20, 2017

Re posted by: Reaversadmin

new report by a U.S. government agency says that their tests showed that levels of “vaping-related chemicals” in the air of a vape shop were all below workplace safety limits.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) issued the report — titled “Evaluation of Chemical Exposures at a Vape Shop” — in July, but the testing took place in January of 2016. The shop isn’t named in the report.

NIOSH is a division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an agency of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Its stated mission is, “To develop new knowledge in the field of occupational safety and health and to transfer that knowledge into practice.” NIOSH says it has a mandate to assure “every man and woman in the Nation safe and healthful working conditions and to preserve our human resources.”

What were they looking for?

According to the report, NIOSH was asked to evaluate the shop by its owners. The agency’s “primary objective was to evaluate employees’ potential exposures to chemicals associated with
vaping in the shop.”

“Our work involved (1) sampling air for specific flavoring chemicals associated with respiratory disease; (2)sampling air for nicotine, propylene glycol, formaldehyde, and other VOCs [volatile organic compounds]; (3)sampling work surfaces for metals and nicotine; and (4) observing work practices.”

Oddly enough, we haven’t seen any CDC publicity about this report.

The shop sold both pre-packaged e-liquid brands, and their own juice made on site. The custom e-liquid was mixed at a juice bar by employees. The shop was about 1,000 square feet in size, had 10 employees, and was open during typical retail hours.

NIOSH took air samples at several locations within the shop, testing for the presence of diacetyl, acetyl propionyl (2,3-pentanedione), acetyl butyryl (2,3-hexanedione), acetaldehyde, acetoin, and formaldehyde. They also tested for nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), and volatile organic compunds (VOC’s) in the air, and collected samples from surfaces to measure metals.

What did they find?

The first thing they found was ridiculous: the employees kept nicotine base (100 mg/mL) in the refrigerator that also was home to food they ate. That should just never happen. And it really shouldn’t happen when a government agency is observing your routines. Employees also rarely wore gloves (which were present and available) when handling 100 mg/mL nic. Again, not wise.

As far as air samples…well, none of them even remotely approached the various exposure limits NIOSH compared to. Results varied, but overall there just wasn’t much to be said.

“The results for the area air samples taken over the entire work day in the juice bar and
lounge areas using silica gel tubes are presented in Table 3,” says the report. “Diacetyl, 2,3-pentanedione, 2,3-hexanedione, and acetoin were not detected in the lounge area. For the full-shift area air samples taken behind the juice bar using silica gel tubes, we found detectable, but not quantifiable, concentrations of 2,3-pentanedione on day 1.

We did not find detectable
concentrations of any of the other flavoring chemicals in the other juice bar samples.”

Formaldehyde was found in two of the eight samples at about half of the NIOSH recommended exposure level (REL). The rest of the samples were lower or not detectable. “Low concentrations of formaldehyde exist in many indoor environments because of off gassing from furnishings, clothing, and other materials,” they noted.

Nicotine measures came with an asterisk. “Estimated concentration; this concentration was between the minimum detectable and minimum quantifiable concentrations,” they said. In other words, the amount measured was too low to provide an accurate number.

Volatile organic compounds: “Employees exposures to all of the compounds quantified were well below OELs [occupational exposure limits].”

Metals: “Quantifiable concentrations of calcium (15–94 micrograms per 100 squared centimeters [µg/100 cm2 ]), copper (ND–0.49 µg/100 cm2 ), iron (ND–1.8 µg/100 cm2), and potassium (ND–17 µg/100 cm2) were identified in the wipe samples. Detectable, but not quantifiable, concentrations of chromium, lead, magnesium, nickel, phosphorus, strontium, and tellurium were also identified in some samples.”

“Some of the other elements that we detected on surfaces are found in human sweat (calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorous),” they noted. “It is unknown if their presence on surfaces was from e-cigarettes, people touching surfaces, or both.”

NIOSH’s conclusions were pretty bland.

“Employees were exposed to detectable levels of diacetyl and 2,3-pentanedione in the air
while working in the vape shop,” they wrote. “Although the measured concentrations were below all applicable OELs, to better protect the health of employees we recommend that the employer implement a policy prohibiting vaping in the workplace with e-liquids that contain diacetyl and 2,3-pentanedione.

“The concentration of other vaping-related chemicals that we measured were also below their relevant OELs. Employees should be trained on proper chemical handling procedures and the need for consistent use of chemical protective nitrile gloves when handling liquids containing nicotine.”

No news is good news

Oddly enough, we haven’t seen any CDC publicity about this report. You’d think the CDC would want to share the good news that vapers and employees in vape shops aren’t endangering their health by breathing the vapor-laden air. No press releases or news conferences, no amending of the scare-mongering Surgeon General’s report from last year.

This adds to the evidence from earlier studies. There has never been any indication that breathing e-cig vapor poses risks for vapers — let alone bystanders — but it’s nice to have confirmation from the usually anti-vaping CDC.


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