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Vaper’s Tongue and how to get rid of it!!

What is Vaper’s Tongue?

Vaper’s Tongue is the eventual weakening and/or loss of the taste of E-Liquid flavours, due in part to our taste buds becoming over-saturated resulting in them taking a time out!

Note: Vapers Tongue is definitely not a medical condition and will pass in time.

Things you can do to counter and/or get over Vaper’s Tongue:

1. Hydrate:

helps to keep the mouth fresh (PG & VG tend to dry out the mouth) …

2. Relax:

no need to stress, relax …… (its just a passing nuisance) …

3. Change out E-Liquids:

You may have a favourite all day vape, you may get too used to it, swap out E-Liquids from time to time…

4. Cleanse your palate:

Try using freshly squeezed lemon juice or other citruses combined with ginger, eating pickles, drink coffee and even try sniffing ground coffee beans …

5. Try a different and/or stronger tasting E-Liquid:

Menthol, Mint, Lime (Citrus) and/or a cinnamon flavoured E-Liquid may do the job…

6. Try vaping an unflavoured E-Liquid base:

Vaping an E-Liquid base with no flavourings for 1 to 3 days will assist in wearing off your taste fatigue.

Reference courtesy of:

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