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ECIGSSA posted Juice Review – “PAPA Reavers – Ol’ Blue Eyes”

Review carried out and supplied courtesy of Alex Re0naut – (ECIGSSA VIP, Staff Member, Administrator and Donor)

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PaPa Reavers – Ol’ Blue Eyes Review


“I’ve been meaning to write up this review for a few days now, because in my eternal quest to find a great tobacco flavour, this one in particular has won me over. My taste buds took some time to adjust to the awesomeness of Ol’ Blue Eyes. But then I discovered myself craving her more and more as time progressed. I purchased this from Vape Club in Benoni.

The guys at Reavers have really created a unique tobacco masterpiece in this humble reviewers opinion. And I am just so excited to share my experience with other tobacco lovers out there.
My ability to accurately identify and convey individual flavours is hopelessly inadequate compared to the seasoned guys on here, so please keep that in mind.

Website blurb
No. 2 | PaPa Reavers – Ol’ Blue Eyes
R150.00 – R650.00/bottle

Premium blend flavoured Vape Liquid
Ol’ Blue Eyes – “Frank’s preferred smooth, rich earthy cigar with a flavourful hint of Cognac to complete the experience”


My Impressions
Ol’ Blue Eyes feels like an authentic cigar with a real earthy feel, I’d say it’s not sweet at all, but there is a hint of something (I blame my n00b taste buds here) that must be the cognac? Whatever the combination is, it works perfectly. The aroma is warm and inviting, a perfect match for me with a nice espresso. It’s almost like the good ol’ days with a real smoke.

Comparing it to bunch of other tobacco styled flavours is what really sets it apart for me. It tastes pure and unadulterated, which by the way took me a bit of getting used to. But man! once my taste buds got into gear, I was hooked.

Device Used
Alien mod/Ammit 22 Rta – Standard Clapton Coil 2.5mm running at 28-30W.

This is definitely something I can vape all day long… In summary then, I think the Blurb says it perfectly “smooth, rich earthy cigar with a flavourful hint of Cognac”