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Reaver’s VapE-Liquids are proud to announce the official Release of three of our “PaPa Reaver’s” Premium select Tobacco flavours

Our sincere gratitude and thanks is extended to Jaco and Lindsay at the Vape Club for allowing us to join them at their 2017 VapeCon Stand, it is definitely appreciated……

Reaver’s VapE-Liquids had the official release of their “PaPa Reaver’s” Range of premium Smooth and Tasty Tobacco Flavors….At this years “2017 eCigsSA VapeCon” (held at the Heartfelt Arena near Voortrekkerhoogte in Pretoria.)

PaPa Reaver’s proudly confirm that the “PaPa Reaver’s Range of Premium Smooth and Tasty Tobacco Flavors” as listed below are now available both on-line and/or over the counter at The Vape Hub – Boksburg and over the counter from “Vape Club – Benoni” and “Black Bullz – Lenazia…”

Ol’ Blue Eyes – “Frank’s preferred smooth, rich earthy cigar with a flavorful hint of Cognac to complete the experience” (NB* this E-liquid contains no alcohol)

HB-TbaCo- “a unique on point tobacco flavour, with rich earthy tobacco undertones complimented by subtle hints of Honey and Bourbon ……  (NB*this E-Liquid flavour contains no alcohol)

RicHa TBaCo- “a very smooth tobacco with fresh earthy flavours complimented by subtle nutty undertones on the exhale”

The range of PaPa Reaver’s tobacco flavours will soon be available at select and preferred Vape Stores as well as from our convenient “Reaver’s VapE-Liquids” on line store, please visit us at the Reaver’s VapE-Liquids On-Line Store

Our PaPa Reaver’s tobacco range has been specifically developed, blended and naturally steeped over an extended period to give vapers a preferred all day tobacco vape experience.

Please visit the ECIGSSA Website to check out the PaPa Reavers ECIGSSA “Ol’ Blue Eyes Review” as supplied courtesy of Alex Re0naut…..